Fregola Sarda Small(500g)

Ancient indigenous specialties, fregola and fregolone look like couscous. They are made with coarsely ground semolina, mixed with water and rolled into pebbles. Fregola literally translates as “breadcrumbs”. Fregola is the smaller crumb, and fregolone is the larger.

After it has been rolled into shape, the pasta is sun dried and then roasted. The crumbs of pasta that are closer to the heat source acquire darker colours. The variation in colours imparts a wonderfully rustic quality to the eventual product. The roasting gives the pasta a unique flavour. It also ensures that the pasta retains its fantastic texture after cooking.

This all-seasons pasta is very versatile and can be combined with mussels, prawns, and cannellini or borlotti beans. It provides excellent body to fish soups, and can be included in stuffing for poultry.

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