La Boqueria Mallorquina (120g)

The Mallorquina is a sweet spicy, smoky spreadable fermented salami.

Traditionally hung around the fireplace to cure, it develops a smoky aroma whilst retaining the sweet notes of the meat. Sold as a single vacuum packed sausage in skin.

Traditionally served on unsalted bread. Keeping to the standards of Mallorca, with no additional colouring, all flavour notes come from the traditional spices used in its original manufacture. This product is perfect to be held at 18 degrees or below. Its maturing cycle allows for it to be eaten at 10 weeks of curing, though flavours develop and blossom as it continues to mature.

As with Sobrassada, Mallorquina can be paired with dried fruits and figs, on crusty bread. Never the less it is best served at room temperature not grilled like its less spicy cousin Sobrassada.