Poach Pear Duck Chicken and Porcini Rillette (180g)

Rillette is sometimes known as a course pate or a confit of slow cooked, shredded potted meat, that can be pork, duck, chicken or rabbit.

Poach Pear duck, chicken and porcini rillette is created with slowly braised legs of duck and chicken, seasoned and pulled apart, then the natural fat added back. With the added bonus of rich porcini mushrooms and thyme providing the unique balance of taste and texture, that is truly elegant.

We recommend serving rillette at room temperature to allow the flavours to come through. Serve with artisan breads and cornichons on a charcuterie board or as an entrée or light meal with a green leaf and mixed herb salad. For something different, spread on crusty sourdough to make a scrumptious toasted sandwich or fold through a warm Mediterranean salad. Perfectly matched with Poach Pear tomato chutney or onion jam.

All Poach Pear rillettes are gluten free, preservative free and dairy free.

Poach Pear is an artisan food producer creating an impressive range of handcrafted charcuterie and fine foods. Poach Pear produces in small batches using classic techniques, with locally grown produce and free range meats, wherever possible, to ensure premium quality and taste.