Poach Pear Spiced Apple Chutney (200g)

A sweet and tangy chutney filled with chunks of burnished caramelised apple. The dark brown sugar and plump raisins contrast beautifully against the piquancy of malt and apple cider vinegars, and the gentle spice mix of chilli, garlic, mustard, ginger, turmeric, bay and clove adds a complex aromatic backbone.

This punchy relish makes a perfect pairing with cheese, particularly English styles like cheddars, stilton and shropshire, but also makes a strong counterpoint to creamy brie styles. It’s also a classic combination with pork – try a spoonful with your favourite roast pork – and pork charcuterie products like ham, terrines and rillettes. It makes a fantastic addition to any charcuterie or cheese board.