Tarago River Jensen’s Red (1.3kg)

Brevi Bacterium Linens, which does indeed like warm sweaty feet/shoes as an ideal home is a remarkable culture that can create an awesome range of flavours, textures, aromas, and colours. It is a fussy, or should I say difficult to grow culture, but when it finds its niche performs well. It is a late bloomer and likes moist humid conditions around 17°C and a pH north of neutral (alkaline). It enjoys some salt but must be kept moist and hence the washing or smearing of the exterior to develop its addictive flavours in full rounded glory. Washing solution is usually boiled 2% saline solution. In early life some annatto is added to the wash, which add to the flavour colour and pH balance of the cheese rind.

Jensen’s Red is made from whole milk and non-animal rennet.