Delivering the Biggest Crunch Down Under – Westmont Pickles

Australian made and owned, Westmont Pickles delivers a unique local pickle. A collaboration of exciting new agricultural methods and old school pickling technique. Westmont takes ownership of an Aussie pickle crafted for the Aussie palette, delivering a bloody good pickle! We’ll be stocking all 3 of Westmonts pickles in 1kg jars and the dill pickles in a 5kg bucket.


Dill – A classic Americana pickle. Great on the side of a burger or with some sharp cheddar and a shot of whiskey (halved lengthways).

Bread and Butter – Sweet Tang! The Pickle without prejudice, perfect for sandwiches or burgers (sliced).

Ghost Chilli – A daunting mother! This is a unique experience, great with slow cooked meats, a hit of tequila or to add some fire to your favourite salad dressing (halved lengthways).

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2542_Westmont Pickles_1000g_B&B 2542_Westmont Pickles_1000g_Chilli 2542_Westmont Pickles_1000g_Dill