Don Bocarte Anchovies (48g)

For this traditional salted anchovy, Don Bocarte measure the exact amount of salt, and only use a superior quality extra virgin olive oil to ensure the fish taste rich with a well balanced, clean, deep flavor.

The salted anchovies are a uniform colour with a pinkness that indicates they are freshly processed.  They are devoid of dark stains along the dorsal spine and are meticulously de-boned by hand.

Further Information

Don Bocarte is a leading producer and supplier of the highest quality canned fish in Europe. Using their own production methods they are able to capture the magnificent creaminess, deep taste and meaty texture of the perfect anchovy.

Like salt, anchovies are a natural flavour enhancer. They’re rich in a compound called inosinate which, when combined with the glutamate you get in beef or lamb, emphasizes the intrinsic meatiness of those ingredients. That’s why lamb roasted with anchovy tastes somehow lambier.

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