La Boqueria Chorizo Mild (AW250g)

Spanish Chorizo La Boqueria strives to make the most authentic chorizo possible, from traditional recipes brought from Spain and the best local Australian Pork. They pre-cure the chorizo and package it ready to be grilled after 3 weeks of curing.

Chorizo in Spain is an air cured sausage (either air dried or smoked, only from Asturia), consisting of minced pork and seasoned with spices. The length of time the Chorizo is cured depends of the intended usage. To grill or light fry as hot tapas, the chorizo is cured so it retains a moist flavorsome center. To slice or for stews it is cured so the weight loss greater. This intensifies the flavours and develops a sweet dryness, characteristic to the fat content in meats cured with high quality paprika.

The most important spice in making chorizo is paprika and garlic, this distinguishes it from other countries. These Spices give the chorizo it’s aroma and characteristic red color. The skin of the chorizo is usually the small intestine of pigs, but also the large intestine is used for the variety of chorizo cular (thick Revilla Stile).

To retain the flavours and aramo of the chorizo as close as possible to Spain’s own Nomad imports the spice blends directly from Spain. Our Charcutiers in Spain have designed a manufacturing method that, complying with Australia’s different food standards, delivers a chorizo as good as in Spain.

Retail size. Bulk size also available.