La Ruinione Squid Ink Paste (2x4g)

La Riunione harvests ink from the sepia officinalis cuttlefish, taken from the east Atlantic Ocean. The ink is homogenised and salt is added, along with a little water to prevent the ink from drying out. Nothing is added to increase the bulk of the product. Cuttlefish ink should be refrigerated after opening.

Cuttlefish ink, or nero di seppia, has a smooth oceanic flavour, and adds a delicate marine sweetness to pasta, braises and risotti. It has a brilliant black colour.

Nero di seppia is used to colour both pasta and pasta sauce. Colour your favourite homemade pasta by adding a few grams of ink when adding eggs and salt to semolina flour. Nero di seppia subtly enhances tomato-based sauces.

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